Rapid device test.

Welcome to the compatibility test for Screen Ads, designed to ensure your device is perfectly equipped to take full advantage of our software. Through a simple link, you can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your machine’s capabilities, including graphics, sound, voice synthesis in various languages, and camera functionality.

This test is essential for optimizing the usage experience of Screen Ads, ensuring that your device meets the minimum requirements necessary for smooth and efficient operation. Get ready to discover the full potential of your equipment and how our software can enhance the quality of your service.

Screen Ads was created with the vision of democratizing access to advanced technology for small businesses, transforming equipment that might be considered obsolete or underutilized into powerful marketing and communication tools. Our software is specially designed so that any device, from old computers to tablets and smartphones that are no longer in use, can become an essential part of modernizing your business. With Screen Ads, we offer small users the chance to compete in today’s market, using technology not as a luxury, but as an accessible resource. Join us on this journey towards inclusive innovation, where every device has the potential to open new doors for your business.