First Steps: Connect a user station to the Screen Ads server.

Setup Guide: Connection PIN and more.

To establish the first connection of a user station with the server using our software, follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth and effective integration:

    • Activate search mode on the server: The first step is to set up the server to be in search mode for new users. This setting prepares the server to detect and accept incoming connection requests.
    • Obtain the unique connection PIN: Once the search mode is activated, the server will generate a unique 6-digit connection PIN. This PIN will serve as the key to establish a secure connection between the user station and the server.
    • Enter the PIN at the user station: Go to the device you want to set up as a user station and access the section to enter the connection PIN. Enter the 6-digit PIN provided by the server.
    • Establishing the connection: After entering the PIN, the user station will attempt to connect to the server. If the PIN is correct and the server recognizes it, the connection between the two devices will be established.
    • Select the mode of operation: After successfully establishing the connection, you can select the mode in which the user station will operate. The available options include:
        • Turn dispenser mode: Set up the device to manage and issue turns to visitors or customers.
        • Turn display mode: Allows the device to show current turns, ideal for keeping customers informed about their turn.
        • Information display mode: Set up the device as an information panel, showing ads, news, or any relevant data. This mode is particularly useful for large screens.

This process ensures that each user station is properly configured to fulfill its specific role within the system, facilitating efficient management and effective communication in your business or establishment.

During the setup and connection process of your user station with the server in Screen Ads, we have incorporated an essential tool to ensure transparency and facilitate troubleshooting: a text area located on the right side of the interface. This dedicated area becomes a real-time log of all actions performed during the connection process, documenting both the successes and the failures that may occur.

This text area will provide you with valuable details about each step of the connection process, from the initial attempt to the conclusion, whether successful or not. If the connection is successfully established, this area will display a confirmation message along with any relevant data about the connection. On the other hand, if there is any issue, the text area will provide detailed information about the error, facilitating the identification and correction of the problem.

This real-time log is an indispensable tool for the efficient monitoring and maintenance of your Screen Ads system, ensuring that you are informed at all times about the status of your connections and providing you with the necessary tools to manage your configuration effectively.