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Discover how digital solutions are revolutionizing small businesses. In their basic version, these free tools offer an entry point to operational efficiency, improved customer management, and process optimization. Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to innovate without compromising their budget, our digital solutions are designed to grow with your business. Explore the potential of technology and start your digital transformation today.


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Digital waiter

We introduce the Digital waiter, an innovation designed to transform the experience in your restaurant. By simply scanning a QR code provided on their table’s ticket, customers can place orders directly from their mobile devices without the need to install any additional apps. This system not only streamlines the service, allowing waiters to assist more efficiently, but also enriches the customer experience, offering them convenience and control over their order with total ease. Get ready to take your restaurant’s service to the next level with our Digital waiter.

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Scan, Order, Enjoy

Digital waiter revolutionizes the way customers place orders, simply by scanning a QR code from their table. No downloads necessary, it significantly improves waiter assistance.