Setup guide: Getting started with Screen Ads.

Welcome to the help page of our program, where we will guide you through the first steps to set up and make the most of our tool from the beginning. When you start the program for the first time, you will be faced with a fundamental initial decision: selecting whether you want your device to function in Server mode or as a User. This initial choice is crucial, as it defines the role of your device within the system and how you will interact with our platform.

    • Server mode: Opting for this mode turns your device into the central core of the system, managing and providing all services to users. It is ideal for those looking to have centralized control and manage content distribution efficiently.
    • User mode: If you choose this option, your device will be configured to interact with the system established by the Server. The specification of the user type and detailed functions will be selected in later screens, where you can further customize your experience according to your needs.

The choice between being a Server or a User is just the first step towards customizing your use of the program. In subsequent stages, you will have the opportunity to define more precisely the role of your device, whether as a signage display, a turn dispenser, or an information center, among other functions. These options are designed to adapt to various needs and contexts, allowing you to get the most out of what our tool can offer.

For optimal integration and configuration of Screen Ads, it is ideal to begin the installation of the program on the device you plan to use in server mode. This approach ensures more comfortable and efficient detection and configuration of the stations throughout your establishment. By starting with the heart of your system, you will facilitate the process of linking and synchronization with the other devices that will operate in user mode, thus ensuring a cohesive network and a smooth workflow from the beginning. This initial step is crucial for establishing a solid foundation for the expansion and effective management of Screen Ads in your business.

Now is the time to further customize your experience by selecting the application’s language. For this, we present you with an intuitive visual selection through the flags of Spain, Korea, Portugal, and England, representing the Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, and English languages, respectively. This choice will allow you to navigate and use all the functionalities of Screen Ads in the language you feel most comfortable with, ensuring clear understanding and smooth interaction with our platform. Simply click on the flag that corresponds to your preferred language to set up your ideal environment.